Storie di Mondi Possibili – Italy

Storie di Mondi possibili (Stories of possible worlds) is an association created by a group of Italian volunteers experts in autobiographical methods, with different educational experiences, interested in collecting stories related to individual and collective memory, social commitment and change. We came from different formative experiences, and we are united by the conviction that the stories of active citizenship and social change have an enormous potential.

The stories, in fact, can do about aspects of reality unknown to people, they can bring together people of different cultures and social contexts, can bring out learning, values, and reconnect to our desire for change. Among the recurring activities: – Video documentation of social action experiences. – Workshops on storytelling methods. Promoting autobiographical methods in teaching activities, included L2. – Training of volunteers in the collection of stories. – Participation in projects on storytelling. – Participation in European projects in different programs – Europe for Citizen, Erasmus Plus.