Federazione Italiana CEMEA – Italy

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The C.E.M.E.A. (Centers for Active Methods Education Training) are an educational movement born in France in 1936 with the aim of developing education for democracy and participation and have given life, after the war, to a widespread movement in the whole world characterized by: secularism, independence, aconfessionality of its social commitment; internationality of his experience; openness to sharing and dialogue on ideas and experiences.

Today the Cemea are active in 29 countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas, coordinated by the International Federation based in Paris which since 1964 enjoys the UNESCO Statute B and since 1972 the advisory status at the Council of Europe and at the European Forum of the Youth. The Italian Federation of CEMEA (FIT CEMEA) was established in 1971 with the task of connecting the 12 Centers, the 5 groups and the numerous Cemea Correspondents that are present in different Italian regions and cities.

The FIT CEMEA is a training institution recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research with decree 177/2000 and carries out an important educational research work to support public administrations and a training action directed to teachers, operators and educators on the themes of social acceptance, listening, integration, active participation of all the actors in the training process.

FIT CEMEA promotes active education: an education aimed at giving real autonomy to the human being, offering situations in which everyone, children, young people, adults can become aware of the surrounding reality, and can contribute to its evolution, in a perspective of individual and social growth. Have been part of (or are part of) FIT CEMEA, Pedagogists such as Lamberto Borghi, Raffaele La Porta, Gastone Tassinari, Duccio Demetrio, Cecrope Barilli, Andrea Canevaro, Antonio Santoni Rugiu, psychologists like Clotilde Pontecorvo, Francesca Morino Abbele, Marina Pascucci, sociologists like Giuseppe De Rita and Antonio Carbonaro.

The FIT CEMEA organizes training courses for various categories of educators (teachers, operators, animators, parents, volunteers) involved in the fight against school evasion, in social and educational reintegration projects, in the field of psychiatry and physical and mental disability. On these issues FIT CEMEA carries on national and international projects related to formal and non-formal education. FIT CEMEA has no employees, but it can currently count on about 200 volunteer trainers, and as many collaborators and militants.