Intellectual Outputs

The project intends to create completely innovative products in the field of civic and social education, such as:

02 – StoryDeC Educational Paths

The definition of new educational paths through autobiographical writing and Digital Storytelling, for develop social and civic competences of young people and foster their active participation in society through non-formal education.

The innovation of this output lies in:

  • the focus on a specific educational approach, as already described above;
  • the modality with which this educational paths will be proposed, in order to make them accessible and usable by a large number of young learning providers/trainers.

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03 – StoryDeC Game

A Game, in digital and board version, for the development of civic and social skills in young people, through the stories of social change. It is an innovative tool because it combine new technologies, used by young people, with a social aim.

This game, in fact, will be both in board version, usable in Association, schools, home and in online version with a specific app. Its innovative also because it combine narrative methodologies and issues of social change, through European stories, European culture of social change and defence of rights.

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04 – StoryDeC Training Module

A short training module for trainers, to assure the correct application of the educational paths created by StoryDeC project.

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05 – StoryDeC Digital Archive

Creation of a digital archive of stories of social commitment and participation.
It will be the first European Digital Archive of stories of social change collected by young people. It will be an important tool to foster the participation of young people all around Europe.

StoryAp: The first European Digital Archive of stories of social change collected by young people